Monday, July 13, 2009


Kellie and Haiden before Kellie's first dance competition!!!
Then Haiden in her Easter dress! So cute!
And Harley and his companion and some girls from Thailand that they baptised!!

Whats up!

It has been a long time since i last blogged!! So much has happened since the last post!! Here is some recent things that we have been up to! Haiden our grandchild turned one last week! She is so cute we love to babysit her!! She is walking all over the place and she is just so fun!!! Kellie went to girls camp last week and is just babysitting for her sister and hanging out with friends all the time!!! Harley returns from his mission on Tuesday!!! We are all so excited!! It will be fun to have him home!!! Steve is busy getting the yard ready and trying to put in a sprinkler system!! He has done a wonderful job on the yard!! I am just getting the house all clean and ready for Har! We cant wait!!!! Well that's all for now!! -Michelle-

Sunday, October 12, 2008

WE love you ELder Parry!!

Today we had a first big snow fall!!! Kellie and I went out side and made some words that say.. We love you!! So we will e-mail it to Elder Parry!! I haven't posted for a long time but everything is going great!! Haiden is getting so big! We love to tend her. Kellie is doing well in school. Elder Parry only has 9 months left!! Steve and I are still hard at work. Our house is coming along still some little things to do around here. But we are Happy and Doing great!!! -- Michelle

Saturday, July 26, 2008

One Year Ago!!

Harley is doing great!! He is in the Burrio Madrid he loves his mission!! but what we cant belive is that one year last friday Harley was gone for one year!! Time flies!!! So here is some pictures of one year ago and then some recent pictures!! Enjoy!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Old house to New house but still the SAME house

In May we started to remodel our kitchen. We had blue counter tops and wood floor that when you stepped on it it would pop up . We had really old Wall Papper that took FOREVER to get off!! We had a huge red brick fireplace and a big brick mantle around it. Also we had dark blue carpet. Sooo... We decided to take that all out and make our house look brand new!!We got rid of all the outdated things in are house. Now we are finally making this project come to and end! We now have pretty Knotty Alder cupboards and nice wood floor that doesnt come up every time you step on it! =) We went with a counter top that are really nice and look like granite and a raised bar. Steve took out the brick wall and got an insert and the wall is now flush. Kellie thinks we should get a big tv too go right above it!! It turned out really nice!! Here are some pictures of what we had before!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

We have a blog!!!

We have finally decided to start a blog! It is really fun and interesting to read and have blogs! It is a little bit complicated to get the hang of it. But thanks to Kellie we have figured it out!! Anyhow.... There is alot happening in our family. First Jennifer and Joe had there first child. Haiden Kate. She weighed 6 ibs. 2 oz. She is so pretty!! She takes after her daddy!! Then Harley. Harley is in Madrid he reached his 1 year mark last friday.7-11-08 its amazing how time flies!!! He is doing really good and he is loving it there!!! Kellie. She is 13 now and she is having a boring summer!! She is a good help to her mom and dad and she cant wait until Jennifer lets her babysit little Haiden!!! Well just thought i would post something real fast!! TTFN